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Film Paper?
Follow the format: title, main points, endnotes, credits!

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Sight, Sound, Motion, Herbert Zettl, 2nd ed. [recommended ]
Film History: Theory and Practice


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From Film
We start and finish with film: film and drama, film and art, film and music...

First, there are films and there are movies. Film is advancing the language of this media, movies are using this language. One is poetry, another -- storytelling. Yes, any movie is a story told in visual signs on the screen. This is why we do start with the six drama principles from the ancient "Poetics" by Aristotle. Three of them are under STRUCTURE, three -- TEXTURE.

First in Structure -- the Story, or Plot (or ACTION).

What is the difference between the story and the plot?

See Plot Page.

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[ see other pages on "How-To-Write-Papers" ]

Writing Film Review Paper
1. Take notes while watching the movie, including your own reflections

2. Opinion and Evaluation

3. Use film terminology, please!

4. Plot, Characters and Thought/Idea/Meaning

5. Composition and Images

6. Do the basic research (script, director, cinematography, cast, production company, year). Use the quotations and acknowledge the sources.


[ I cosider this course to be an introduction to film! ]


Write down the main themes of the movie.

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Three main types: The movie Review, The Theoretical Essay and the Critical Essay


"My favorite movie" assignment


Must use Glossary!