200X : Film Terminology Test

Sept. 28, 2001 -- Name____________________
What is....

1. FRAME --

2. POV --


4. Editing --

5. SHOT --

6. Cinematography --

7. Establishing Shot --

8. Who is PRODUCER? --

9. What is GENRE? --

10. What is MONTAGE? --

200words Film Essay (sample)

Favorite Movie Outline
By Robert Michaud

Movie: Sleepy Hollow
Director: Tim Burton

Aesthetically, Sleepy Hollow is one of the most beautiful films to recently 
emerge.  Of course, coming from renowned director, Tim Burton, one could 
expect no less.  With Tim Burton's marvelous art direction, Danny Elfman's 
exquisite music and a first class cast, Sleepy Hollow is an excellent film.
Through a classic tale with ingenious cinematography, setting, special 
effects and music, Sleepy Hollow is an old story with a new appeal.  
Renowned actors such as Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Christopher Walkin 
all aid this visually superb piece.
Also, this film identifies with several different audiences.  For Pagans 
and Atheists, Christianity is seen in this movie as an abomination against 
science and country religions.  For the action and horror fans, there are a 
total of eighteen decapitations while several scenes contain beautifully 
choreographed combat.  To give an authentic and Burton-esque feel, the 
entire movie was shot with a blue filter, which makes every shot feel as 
though it belongs and flows with the next shot.

I - Introduction: Introduce the protagonist
A - Ichabod Craine is banished to Sleepy Hollow

II - Plot Introduction: Introduce the conflict
A - Ichabod learns of the headless horseman
B - Ichabod challenges the locals at the existence of a supernatural entity
C - A hint of romantic interest between Ichabod and Katrina Van Tassel

III - Plot Development: Introduce antagonist and back up characters
A - Ichabod researches death's
B - Ichabod faces the supernatural entity
C - Ichabod regresses (flashbacks reveal more character development)
D - More romantic development between Ichabod and Katrina

IV - Plot Crescendo: False solution to conflict
A - Ichabod's research pays off as he finds the motives of the supernatural 
B - Ichabod makes a false accusation of Katrina controlling the 
supernatural entity
C - Ichabod begins to leave Sleepy Hollow

V - Climax: Ichabod realizes the true motives of the mystery and faces the 
A - Ichabod realizes his mistakes and rushes to help the endangered Katrina
B - Ichabod and Katrina run from the supernatural entity controlled by 
Katrina's step mother
C - Ichabod and Katrina subdue Katrina's step mother and send the 
supernatural entity back to hell

VI - Resolution: Happily ever after
A - Ichabod returns to New York with Katrina

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