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I know why I keep coming to this cyber-manuscript -- I like it. I like the subject being in the middle of many fields. I like the interconnectivity. I like it better than seeing Art, Music, Theatre and Film separately.

Fall 2003: THR413 * Playscript Analysis Textbook:

GeoAlaska: Acting, Directing, Theory
GeoAlaska: Theatre & Film

Film Directing 101

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Theory of Spectatorship
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SHOWS: 12th Night
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The order of the three parts is FILM > DRAMA & THEATRE > ART > MUSIC

If you read title and intro pages, I have to say only about this web-writing project: it exists by default. There are several people on the Yahoo EDU still waiting, when I will teach the class again.

I don't know. My workload is full of acting, directing, film and drama classes. Besides, I direct one show/semester. Nevertheless, I keep updating the pages... Why? Because I need to support my other "subject" directories and not place the basic terminology and principles over there. So, dramatic composition, for example, been moved from Playscript Analysis to Dramatic Literature -- and now it's here!

Same with the film theory.

If I would have time, I like to work on ART subdirectory...

Music directory doesn't have much in it; move the historical periodization there! And as a review for all the terminology before the final exam.

Film = Theatre + Art + Music

Above (pix "Woman-Violine" Dada period) is the THR200X Aesthetics (core) class; the place where you should start studying w/Anatoly. Everything else is more advanced. Archive and intro to other subjects; I do not teach this course anymore (but use the pages for more advanced classes as "basics you must know"). BTW, the flash banners you see on my pages are MINE and they should take you to the relevant directories (film, theatre, drama) -- use them.

I try to use my existing pages to support each other: for example you can explore the SHOW directory (the listings are at the top left corner). The shows I directed with the production pages on script, characters, director's notes (to actors and designer (watch the table on your right). In short, you have to spend some time, before you will figure out how theatre w/anatoly pages work (and sometimes don't).

Welcome and leave your comments in my guestbooks! Thanks!

200X Class Page (syllabus):
Film --> Theatre --> Art --> Film

Of course, I can't get indepth in every subject or topic in three months. Besides, this is not an intro to aesthetics, but rather some steps into preporation for the practical classes in theatre and film studies.

Thanks to my students who suffer with me through this process of construction of this webcourse!


The tragectories: Film > Drama > Theatre > Art > Music > Visual Literacy


Five parts = five tests (in class)?

Final and paper-reviews.


The biggest problem is the ORDER of pages and the assignments! The narrative!
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Visual Composition - Tarkovsky
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