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"We know what we are, But we know not what we may be." -- William Shakespeare This is an intro class and now you can go to more advanced theatre and film classes: film or/and stage directing, acting, script analysis.

Look at Classes Directory first.
Since 200X files support other courses I teach, I will be working on them (mostly -- books, dictionary, references). See New page for updates.

Review for final exam:

1. Theatre and Drama

2. Art and Music; periods

3. Film Language

4. Mini-Essay

See Tests page

2004: web-plans *


* Acting I : BioMethod

* Acting II : Biomechanics

* Acting III : Method

** Stage Directions : Stagematrix

** Film Directing : Filmmaking for Actors

** Playscript Analysis : Grammar of Drama


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Shakespeare - Theatre with Anatoly
There are several directories, which are between teaching and research, such as Spectator, Virtual Theatre, Theatre Theory.

Finally, I made special directories for Theatre and Film books. Also, check Mining film for links.

I even made Students page to help in navigation of my websites and pages.

It could be seen as an introduction to film as well: how to "read" films.

Read Notes: plans. For preporartion for your scenes, read Acting webpages.

Visual Composition - Tarkovsky


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