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    "The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life." -- Oscar Wilde
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    In your catalog this course is probably under "Introduction to Theatre" or "Theatre Appreciation" (several years ago we made it "core" course required for all students).

    If you know nothing about theatre, this is the place to start!

    I teach Acting, Directing, Drama Theory -- and Film.

    Fall 2003: THR413 * Playscript Analysis Textbook:

    GeoAlaska: Acting, Directing, Theory
    GeoAlaska: Theatre & Film

    Film Directing 101

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    Theory of Spectatorship
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    Theatre Arts

    "#9. If only the spectators or auditors are infected by the feelings which the author has felt, it is art." Tolstoy.
    There are four parts in the ebook: film, theatre, art, music (the smallest).

    Film is the focal point and theatre is the biggest part (it has both music and art).

    You understand the difference between Drama and Theatre, right?

    This directory is about Drama; this page is about Theatre.

    Playscript Analysis & Dramatic Literature

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    I place so many linkGears, because of the eclectic nature of this course. You decide what is your main area of interest and go there (Theatre, Film, Art, Drama). "Classes with Anatoly" are for the levels of your knowledge: 100 -- Fundamentals, 400 -- Advanced.

    I do not have a special Forum for 200X, but you can use the existing eGroups, of course.

    I place the unified ending on all my pages:

    Summary, Notes, Homework, Next...


    Class projects: scenes! Acting and directing (Mikado). Hoq do we evaluate performance? Believability principle. We believe actor, if actor believes his character. Role. Emotions. How are they expressed? Situations and reactions to them. Method Acting: actor = character. Identification. Do actors understand the text?
    Film = Theatre + Art + Music



    Selections of the scenes: after the midterm!


    But it will take some time to make it work, the most important "questions" and "my notes"....

    ... LUL classes and this "200" course? If I am to have another life.

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    That's where everything begins -- appreciation.

    Love of Beauty -- first step to be an artist.

    The second step depends of the first one. How strong is your appreciation?

    ... Theatre History

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