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... election issues:

Rocky XXI and Elections 2008 : 3-act structure --

PLOT : Rocky Balboa is introduced as a small-time boxer and collector for a loan shark. The World Heavyweight Championship bout is scheduled for New Year's Day, 1976, the year of the United States Bicentennial. When the opponent of undefeated heavyweight champion Apollo Creed is injured, Creed comes up with the idea of fighting a local Philadelphia underdog and, because he likes Rocky's nickname, "The Italian Stallion," he selects the unknown fighter. He says "Apollo Creed versus The Italian Stallion."

To prepare for the fight, Rocky trains with 1920s-era ex-bantamweight fighter Mickey Goldmill, while Rocky's best friend, Paulie, a meat-packing plant worker, lets him practice his punches on the carcasses hanging in the freezers. During training, Rocky dates Paulie's quiet sister, Adrian. The night before the fight, Rocky confides in Adrian that he does not expect to beat Creed, and that all he wants is to go the distance with Creed, meaning that lasting 15 rounds (the typical scheduled length of championship fights at the time) against him would mean he "... wasn't just another bum from the neighborhood.".

Creed does not initially take the fight seriously, but Rocky unexpectedly knocks him down in the first round and the match turns intense. The fight indeed lasts 15 rounds with each fighter suffering many injuries. After the fight, Rocky calls out for Adrian, who runs down to the ring. As Creed is announced the winner by split decision, Adrian and Rocky embrace where they profess their love to one another.

Love Story? "President and America"

1. Loser wakes up

2. Underdog wins

3. Final Fight [Triumph & Happy End]

This is the play, not GAME (spot)

Dream vs. Reality

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... is this american.vtheatre.net SECOND (2008) edition of Post-America?


No, america.vtheatre.net ?

... Zakaria for 2009-Obama USA throughts.

2009 : The end of my American life -- same as Russian?
diary.vtheatre.net/2008 knot-pages & filmplus.org/adiary/2008 Is any elections reflected in original Post-America version?

... My American life is over. 2009 -- African. No more mission?

What is the summary of my US experience?

Same as Russian. Nothing.



How else could it be?

The transition to the Era of Holy Ghost began a century ago, the century I was born in. Very ghostly, very primitive, very low years.

And I had no guts to tell it, to write how disgusting the New Times are.

I tried to embrace it, accept, fit in...

Lul -- my last dream. Is it African? It's mine.

Last Utopia.

* new graphics -- I have to change the tone, i.e. the look of my pages.

Why didn't I do it in 2007?

I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready even for the thought of leaving USA.

Not ready to be an American not in America?

Oh, how I struggle with my Soviet past and my Russian identity, which I never gain!

I became somehow Russian, only by being American... [read Father-Russia-2]

I am an American by choice, and now I have to look back on how did it take place.

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The end of my year pages [2009]

newrussian.org & newamerican.biz -- oh, it will take the rest of my life explain what do I mean!

But -- why should I?

Who needs it?

Perhaps, somebody after the end of this 3rd (Ethiopian) millennium...



elections'08 -- filmplus.org/politics pages

... Summer Fool vs. Winter Fool

American and Russian elections.

Is it over?

What now?

I lost my interest long ago.

This is not my history. I am tired of watching their life...

Trying to identify myself with them and their "history" -- what is going to change? Will they start reading books?

I gave up on Russia, now it's time to give up on America.

Not ten years, not even 100, will change this situation of MANY.

Too many for one to exist.

Trees and animals are dying, because of so many "humans" are around, what to talk about human being!

Maybe by the end of the third millennium all, the billions, will be like Jesus, but this is so far away, I don't want even to think about it.

Beside, I do not believe it.

Maybe, there will be some forms of apartheid between men and man... I don't know. Maybe, this "individual" was an episode...

Their progress is depressing.

Their victories are insulting.

I want out.

I want to close my eyes.


Stalin, Mao, Hitler proved that the American Century is here. I don't want to take part in your wars and revolutions -- I do not want even to know about it.

I wrote about what I WANT in SELF; at least, I tried.

... politics

06.06.09. I defected from USSR, from America I am retiring. I'll die in Africa.

... No, don't make "2009" page in this directory, what for?

What did I do for 30 years here? I work.

For thirty years in Moscow I dreamed of living.

And my American life wasn't the way my Russian dreams were. But the dreams were Russian.

What about my American dreams?

Well, this is "Project 2009," right? Preservation of Utopia...