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Ethiopia : Millennium : 2007

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Millennium 2007:
The Year of St.John

In Ethiopian culture, each changing year has a corresponding apostle: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

Calendar of Ethiopian Holidays

* Meskeram- Ethiopian New Year ( Sept 11/12)
* Meskel - ( Sept 28)
* Genna - Chrismas ( Jan 7)
* Timkat - Ephiphany ( Jan 19)
* Victory of Adowa ( Mar 2)
 * Liberation Day ( May 5)
* Buhe ( Aug 19)
For descriptions, see: www.selamta.net/Festivals.htm

(medals/symbols as it relates to calendar)

Medals & Orders

"My Ethiopia" contest... my flower, color, dish, animal, bird... 

For further study :
The Ethiopic Calendar By Dr. Aberra Molla

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Ethiopian Years *Months* Days* Hours*

The Ethiopian months follow the Julian ( from julius-"moon") Calendar.  The ethiopian calendar is eight years behind the Western/Gregorian calendar. Thirteen months, each month divided equally into thirty days, the last month being the 5 remaining days or 6 days on leap years. The Ehtiopian way of counting time is also unique: The first cycle starts with "one" at 7 A.M. and goes on to "twelve" at 6 P.M. The second cycle starts at 7 P.M. with "one" and goes on to 6 A.M. at "twelve." [from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_calendar ] The dates listed on this page are of the Gregorian calendar, unless otherwise noted.

DOWNLOAD : Ethiopica Calendar is a perpetual Ethiopian calendar tool written in Java. It features Gregorian/Ethiopian dates and display in Ethiopic Numerals, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo major fast and feast dates (moving and fixed) & tabots.

 Meskel flower
September : Meskerem
    This is the first month in the Ethiopian calendar. Meskerem (New Year) is celebrated on the 11th ( or the 12th if it's a leap year) .  There is also Meskel  ( celebration of the cross) on September 28th.

October : Tikemt     Debra Damo, the feast of St. Aregawi, is celebrated during the month of Tikemt.  On October 24 ( Oct 14 Ethiopian calendar), many pilgramage to the site of Debra Damo monestary in this bi-annual event, with the second time in Hamle (July). 

November : Hedar   On November 27 1879, the capital was founded by Emperor Menelik and Empress Taitu. It was the Empress who came up with the name "Addis Abeba", meaning "new flower" in Amharic.

December : Tahesas    Kulubi, the feast of St. Gabriel, is celebrated in Tahesas. On December 28 (Dec 19 Ethiopian calendar).  It is undoubtedly the most revered pilgramage of all the holy sites in Ethiopia.

January : Tir     Melkam Genna! ( "Happy Christmas"!) Like many orthodox religions, Ethiopians have Christmas on Jan 7, which is actually December 29 by the Ethiopian calendar.  The alternate way of marking the birth of christ is Lidet.  Timkat (the Epiphany) is one of the biggest events in the Ethiopian calendar. Click on the image for this month to see beautiful photos of this holiday.   

February : Yekatit    Kedane Meheret ( Gospel of Mercy to St. Mary), February 16th in the Ethiopian calendar, signifies when Mary took her vows.  On this day, people bake bread that is shared with the poor and worshipers say special prayers.      

March : Megabit    The Ethiopian victory at Adwa is commemorated on March 2. Under the leadership of Emperor Menelik, the Italians were driven out of Northern Ethiopia after the decisive battle of Adwa on March 2, 1896.

April : Miyaza    Fasika ( Easter), is typically celebrated in April, though this holiday can occur anywhere from late March to early May. Fasika is considered the biggest holiday, even larger than Genna (Christmas).

May : Genbot  On May 5, Patriots Victory Day is observed as a public holiday. This is in commemoration of the end of the Italian occupation ( 1935-1941).


June : Senae    On the 23rd of this month, King Solomon died ( year unknown). The ancient city of Axum is known for being the palace of Queen Sheba and the site for the reputed arc of the covenant.

July : Hamle  The birthday of HIM ( His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie) is on July 23rd.  During his reign (1930-1974), his birthday was a national holiday. HIM was the last of nine siblings, all of which died at birth. 
HIM Web biography pages.

August : Nehase    Buhe is celebrated on August 19.  Boys come to homes and sings jovial traditional songs. They are given small bread rolls as reward for their 'trouble' made especially for this occassion.   

 The 13th Month: Pyogeme