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the webshow starts on Sept. 11 :) -- My Slidespace : ethiopian-millennium group : Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where the spiritual and physical bind. Ethiopia is the location of the Garden of Eden, site of the tree of life, where original sin occured. Through Ethiopia we can & must redeem the sins of mankind and those of Adam and Eve through Christ's vision . The fate of Ethiopia is the fate of the Earth. Cure the ills of Ethioipia today and God will help us cure the ills of the world tomorrow through the metaphysical reciprocal exchange of spiritual grace. [Gen 2:13 Gen 10:6 Gen 11:31 Psalm 68:31 Amos 9:7 Ezekiel 30:9 Luke 11:31 Rev. 5:5 ]

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Joke of the Day : Last fall, Russian archaeologists dug down 300 feet and found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years. They concluded that their ancestors had a telephone network a millennium ago. Not to be outdone, French scientists drilled down 400 feet, finding traces of optical fiber that were 2000 years old. They gloated that their ancestors had had digital phones 1000 years before the Russian analog system.

Joke Continues: A week later an Ethiopian scientist reported, "after digging to 500 feet, Ethiopian scientists have found absolutely nothing. This proves conclusively that 3000 years ago, our ancestors were already using wireless phones."


Kid interviews Rasta in Shashamane (left) : Ethiopians & Rastafari (Esther)

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