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Spring 2003 * THR221 Intermediate Acting TU, TR 9.45-11.15 *
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Fundamentals : BioMethod

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Barr, Tony, Acting For the Camera, Rev. Ed., Harper Perennial, 1997Tucker,
Patrick, Secrets of Screen Acting, Theatre Arts, 1994


new More pages on film acting: Camera as Partner, Camera as Spectator, does it always acts in both capacities? Do you act for "it" (camera) and when "it" acts for you.


"Theatre of the Grotesque"? What else? It's the folk-forms, ithas to be an entertainment, especially, when you push some message (ideology) on them. Do you want to see real grotesque of pop-culture? Watch movies! It's the altimate grotesque! Closeup? What do you is it, when the face have to by magnified thousand times and thrown into your face? Bigger screen, bigger! The spectacle of the square -- The Passion of the Christ...

Method Acting for film actors? Oh yes, they need it, because everything else is caricature, super-sised, overdone, over the board! You can hear them breath, even the heartbeat! You see what you are not supposed to see, what you can't see -- who does it? The technology! Biomechanics -- like in ER, when all nornal dimensions are broken. Yes, the mechanical on the bio -- life.

"A play is fiction and fiction is fact distilled into truth" ~ Edward Albee


"The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working" - Ernest Newman
new: Subtext (Method) * Film Acting?

Stanislavsky in His Own Words * Method Basics

Method Quotes Russian

Secrets of Screen Acting by John Stamp, Patrick Tucker; Routledge, 2003 - Chapter 1: Screen Versus Stage - Chapter 2: Film Versus Television - Chapter 3: The Frame - Chapter 4: The Camera - Chapter 5: Reactions and Business - Chapter 6: Sound and Vocal Levels - Chapter 7: Typecasting - Chapter 8: Acting - Chapter 9: Auditions - Chapter 10: Rehearsals and Technicals - Chapter 11: Directing Actors for the Screen - Chapter 12: Announcers (And the Art of Being Interviewed) - Chapter 13: The Shoot - Chapter 14: The Editor and Editing - Epilogue - Acting Exercises

Theories of Film by Andrew Tudor; Viking Press, 1974

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