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new russian, новый русский

new russian, новый русский : summer'08 updates --

connecting with "Book of Fool"

and [PP] personal politics -- notes about Russian and American elections.

Radical changes in -- what is "web-business"? [ social innovations ]

Must work on "Summer Fool" (Foll, made in USA)

As in last year ("web-year") I am using "number" pages, like "2007" and "2008"...

1. "Notes" stage

2. Diaries

3. Webpages

4. my -- or other apps. (new)

5. Print ?

RU/EN dichotomy is not solved.

Blogs (including this one) have no definate designations! [copy this one to Anatoly XXI (W-blog), for example]

NEW (and idle) domains : * and etc. & (film & theatre after 2008) (Beta Sellassie Books)

Non-academic Anatoly calendar (webmaster's) is at [not as useful as google's] + [ as starting/home portals to keep tasks in one place -- yahoo for web/writing? ] -- pix-guides (30 albums already!) Assign logos/symbols!

All 2008 pages are with light gray background (for myself to know the chronology).

Pages "web" and "video" are in every directory to keep web2.0 "things" separate from texts [I have (old) tendency of overloading pages].

We-B-log -- -- where this "post" belongs.


2008-05-28 23:26:59 GMT
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