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Memory Moment
I am sorry, papa Carl-oh!

22.9.07. Why Limonov is nostalgic for bolshevicks?

We, the Soviets, didn't know how unique we are. The Iron curtain, mind you.

Did I know that the great experinent was conducted on me, young pioneer? When the Private is no more (who needs it, Internet?), when there is no property -- who wants it in the other world beyond?

My boy, focus on what is true human!


I wanted to live, to exist -- and the communism offer us a chance to BE!

... Communism is too advanced of feeling.

Sorry, Marx.

Sorry man anatolant.

... from

[ I have no time to finish this thought because I have no time to feel myself. ]

I have no page for Putin, I should; we are from the same corner of life...

2007-09-22 22:40:14 GMT
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