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THR334 Film & Movies [ Film Analysis Fall 2005. ("How to Read a Film" textbook by Monaco) ]

THR215 Dramatic Literature : script.vtheatre.net/215


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beta.vtheatre.net "Theatre Web" (stagematrix.com)



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THR221 Intermediate Acting list : google.com/group/acting2

THR 331 directing


Students: you MUST write, shoot, direct and edit your first film!

THR (3 credit) Spring 2007 film workshop proposal


* hands-on education, limited class size, individualized instruction, and cooperative learning

* improvisational techniques for actors and directors

Activities: acting, script development, directing

* learning through experience

* tell your own story through video

* working in groups

Proposed areas of study include cinematography, screenwriting, film theory, criticism and history and production.

Topics: Idea and Concept. Story & Storyboarding. Visual Narrative. Story-line. Plot and screen events. Acting for the camera. Shooting. Editing.

Currently, there is no undergraduate film class in which students with different experiences and interests in film can come together and share their knowledge and learn from each other, while gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of filmmaking.

Proposed course is an extention of existing film classes such as THR334 Film Analysis, THR470 Fundamentals of Film Directing and new Film Acting.

The workshop will be held every week (3 hours), alternating between an informal (locations) and formal setting (classroom, studio).

The formal meetings will consist of presentations by professors and students on a specific area of interest in film. In addition, the workshops will offer exercises in different aspects of film such as screenwriting, acting, directing and cinematography.

Final Class Projects (10 min. videos)

Grading : participation, cooperation, creativeness

Through the workshop, we want to have greater undergraduate awareness and involvement in the film culture at UAF. Also, it is important to have a diverse understanding and appreciation of film for those who envision a future career in the film industry.

Anatoly Antohin, Carrie Baker
Theatre UAF

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[ Support : UAF Film Festival (Film Club): the discussion meetings will give students a chance to view films and analyze them. ]
-- tech classes with Kade Mendelowitz -- design, light, sound. Plus, video-production courses with Journalism-Broadcasting.

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form (new course) is attached

Possible formats and themes:

DIGITAL STORYTELLING or "The Living Archive"