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THR F215
MWF 11:45-12:45 THR 101
Studies of drama and forms of plays such as tragedy, comedy, melodrama, farce, tragic comedy. Emphasis on reading plays of classical theatre designed to give basic knowledge of masterpieces of world drama.

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My office is in the theatre basement, backstage. Conferences are required. Need extra credit? Do extra work. Write an extra subject paper (2-3 pp) and earn an extra grade. Electronic submissions are okay only after the proffreading, and on time.

Film Studies, Film Minor

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The objectives of this course are to increase your understanding of the various literary periods and styles of dramatic literature. Literary, social and political issues of the periods will also be examined.


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Professor Anatoly Antohin

THR215 Dramatic Literature

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Course Objective: To gain knowledge of the basic elements and tools a playwright uses to create a work of art and to develop awareness and appreciation of the history and ideas in the history of drama.

All students are required to attend scheduled theatre events outside of class.

GRADES: 90.5 and above = A, 80-90.4 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, 59 and below = F.
3 subject papers (2pp. each) 8 points each -- 40 points
Quizzes, participation, attendance -- 30 points
Midterm paper -- 10 points (5 pp.)
Final exam -- 20 points (10 pp.)
Total = 100 points

Textbook: The Compact Bedford Introduction to DRAMA (Fifth Edition, Lee A. Jacobus)

Part I. Architecture of Drama

[1] Introduction. Spectator Theory. Aristotle: 6 principles. Composition (Analysis) & Exposition. Hamlet (see textbook), also read Commentaries on Shakespeare p. 273-288.

[2] Structure & Texture. Read Oedipus Rex for next week: The Greeks -- Tragedy, Plot, Character, Idea -- Hamlet discussion.

[3] Dramatic text. "Performance Text(s)": Actor and Dramatic Poet. Text & Subtext. Sophocles; commentaries. Aristotle and Idea of Tragedy.

[4] Actor's, Director's Texts and other stage languages (Light, Set, Costumes). Spectacle Texts and Dramatic Texts. Oedipus

[5] Exposition. Setting, Circumstances and Situations. Hamlet and Oedipus (use online texts).

[6] Character: 5 Ws. Inner Conflict, Contrast, Counter-Point, Dialectics. Galileo, Brecht

[7] "Action": story & plot. "Objective, Obstacles, Super-Objective and Through-line". Epic Theatre -- rejection of realism/naturalism. (See Non-Realiasm Page)

[8] Monologue and scene relations. Line-by-line analysis. Chekhov

[9] Theme Analysis: "Images and Symbols" -- basics of the structural analysis. Characters and themes. Modernism as style. Realism as major method for the century of cinema (see Realism and Symbolism.

[10] Structure of Conflict (Climax). Strindberg, Symbolism and Psychology.

[11] First test on Dramatic Theory (in class). Selection of the title and the topic for your midterm paper. Read Ibsen. Outline of the first paper (selected topic and title submission).

[12] Oral (paper) presentations and discussions. Strindberg, Chekhov 2 & 3, Ibsen.

Part II. Evolution of Drama

[13] Periods and Styles. Brief History overview.

[14] Golden Age: Shakespeare Review. Midterm Paper due

[15] Genre Issue. Tragedy, Comedy, Drama. 12th Night. Sub-genres.

[16] Texture & Spectacle -- 20th century: Revolution in Theatre. Meyerhold

[17] High Modernity. New Thoughts and Forms. Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author


[18] Prepare for discussion of UAF Show

[19] Non-Western. Kabuki. [No-Grade-Test]

[20] Theatre, Myth & Ritual. Evolution of audience. Church & Stage.

[21] Symbolism. Strindberg and We. "The Glass Menagerie": Williams & Symbolism

[22] Realism. Chekhov and American Drama. Read O'Neill ("Desire Under the Elms") What is Drama?

[23] Naturalism. Ibsen and O'Neill.

[24] Dada, Futurism, Surrealism

[25] Brecht & Epic Theatre Theory Review. Test 2

[26] Absurdism Beckett) and the Postmodern Review -- Some Beckett ("Catastrophe" in class)

[27] "3 Gents" Discussion in class (bring your notes)

[28] Re-working the final paper drafts. 5 min. oral presentations. (See Samples and my comments). American Tragedy, Part II. Miller: Death of A Salesman

Final Exams Week: Final Paper due. samples [ One-act play option ].

Scripts of the UAF Season are on reserve (ask for THR 100). Paper Writing Guidelines are at Home Work (Acting 221 Webpage) How to use Anatoly's Website -- Use of computers, email, internet, web in class -- OnLine and eCLASS.
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