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* All acting students are required to keep a journal in order to record observations, class notes, character work, script analysis, etc.





Advanced Acting

acting3 : Method
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Fall 2000

TIMES: 03.40 - 05.10PM TR
OFFICE HOURS: M 6-7 PM, 3:00-3:40 PM, T,R
OFFICE PHONE: 474-7754
HOME: 455-6149

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Refinement of physical, emotional and imaginative awareness. Introduction of character building methods. Study and performance of scenes and short plays. Introduction of audition techniques. (Prerequisite: THR 221, or permission of the instructor. Oral intensive course.)

Midterm 20%
Final 30%
Journal 10%
Two Monologues 10% (each) = 20%
Test 1, 2 10%, 10%

Test on Acting Theory and Terminology. Scenes: 10 min (2-3 characters) one for Midterm, one for Finals. Journal: min. 3 times a week, 2-3 pp. each time. Scheduled conferences: one before Midterm and one after. Must attend all Theatre UAF productions. Each missed class without a note - reduced grade. Extra credit for extra work.


Week 1: Hyper-Active Spectator
[1] Sept. 7 * Introduction. Resume & Audition Portfolio. Monologue: Text and Performance. (THR 121 and THR 221 reviewed). Character, Characterization and Role. From Play to Spectacle. Monologues from The Importance of Being Earnest
Week 2: Pre-Production
[2] Sept. 12 * Resume due. Types of Monologues. Script breakdown: Objectives and Obstacles. Self-casting: You and Your Role/Character. Meyerhold's formula for actors & Biomechanics.

[3] Sept. 14 * Drama monologue due. Realism. Actor's text: Stage Languages and Audience (see Spectator). Actor's space.

Week 3: Actor's Texts
[4] Sept. 19 * Acting and Action: System, Method and Biomechanics. Movement: Acting Cycle. Characters v. Roles. Inner Conflict. Actor's text: performance.

[5]Sept. 21* Review: Situations & Circumstances. Choices and Strong Choices.

Week 4: Birth of Character
[6] Sept. 26* Set: Time-Space construction. Self-Directing: Floor plan, Mise-en-Scene.

[7] Sept. 28* Comedy Monologue due. Scenes: breakdown. Research and preparation. Scenes selection for Midterm due.

Week 5: Actor's Chronotope
[8]Oct. 3 * Rehearsal Methods: Improvisation for character development. Test 1 (try one online MCTest or 121 Test).

[9]Oct. 5* Subtext. Character's "History" and Emotional Recall.

Week 6: Actor-Machine
[10]Oct.10 * Audition Techniques: Cold Reading. Dramatic analysis and interpretation. (For more see "Theatre with Anatoly" Main Guide)

[11]Oct. 12* Myself and the Other: group workshop.

Week 7: Characterization Throug Visualization/Physicalization
[12]Oct. 17 * Space and Time exercises. Self-blocking.

[13]Oct. 19 * Video 1: closeup. Acting for the camera.

Week 8: Actor's Languages
[14]Oct. 24 * Video 2: Monologue into scene. (For more on film go

[15]Oct.26* Scenes run-through. Journals due for Midterm.

Week 9: Performance v. Rehearsals
[16]Oct. 31 * Midterm: Scenes and analysis.

[17]Nov. 2 * Class project: WWWilde -- Dramatic exploration: exercises in style. (If you need, go to DramLit directory for help with dramatic analysis or 200x Aesthetic Appreciation).

Week 10: Creation v. Evolution of Character
[18]Nov. 7 * Class project. Scenes selection for the Finals -- casting.

[19]Nov. 9 * Ensemble work: improvisation for style (Expressionism, and non-realistic acting).

Week Eleven: Role Editing
[20]Nov. 14 * Rehearsal technics: the componet parts of actions. Imagination and execution of choices. Actor's Check List.

[21]Nov. 16 *Articulating your feelings: movement.

Week 12: 24 Hours Acting
[22]Nov. 21 * Emotional Articulation: voice. Levels.

Nov. 23--Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 13: Testing and Tunning the Role
[23]Nov. 28 * Contra-point: developing subtext. Resume: Final draft due.

[24]Nov. 30 * Actor's Scenic Development: Prop and Costumes. Test 2

Must see "The Importance of Being Earnest" -- Dec. 1, 2000

Week 14: Death of Actor
[25]Dec. 5 * Review Movement: Structure and Blocking for style.

[26]Dec. 7 * Review Time: Rhythm and Tempo. Journals due. Class project run-through (Scenes).

[27] Dec. 12 * Portfolio Review: Run-though. Presentations and discussions. "Actor must die in his character" (Stanislavsky).

[28] Dec. 14 * Biomechanics as Style.

-- Public presentations.

Finals: Lab Theatre.

Attention: auditions for "The Importance of Being Earnest" Read the Play!

Check Theatre UAF Master Calendar for our Fall'00 productions; must attend UAF season (each in class has one comp ticket for each show). Auditioning for all UAF shows (strongly recommended)! Additional (extra) credits for working with Student Directors (See Student Drama Association (SDA) and UAF Film Club for details). Master File THR 321 Advanced Acting is on reserve in the library.
Also, bookmark the 3sis webpage

Biomechanics: Basic Acting Methods. If you never heard it before, check the web-pages first!
If you never used website for your classes, go to OnLine page.
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