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Film & Video Directing -- THR 470, Spring'2004 (archive page)
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THR470 Notes

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Fundamentals of Direction

Film & Drama course

200X -- Aesthetics: Theatre, Art, Music Through Film, the Basics.


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Sound in Film, Sweden

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9/7 - 12/14 Fall 2001, focus on Film & Virtual Theatre

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Film & Video Directing

Anatoly Antohin
Theatre UAF
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Mon, Grue 409, 6-9 PM -- Office Hours: TU, TR 1-2 PM
THR 470 3 Credits (1+6)h -- bookmark this page --
In depth investigation into the history, theory, basics concepts of film and video direction, script preparation, story-boarding, blocking actors and staging the camera, sound, editing. Projects include directing and shooting short videos. (Prerequisite: THR 331 Stage Directing, or permission of instructor.)

You must have writing, directing, theatre, film, photography background.

[ must read 60 pp. a week from the textbook! Readfing assignments will be on the subject pages @ main directory! View the required films and movies at home. Weekly quizes are online. ]
Week One: FILMMAKING Part One. Scripting Story, Concept, Outline. Directing: History & Theory. Pre-test (Eisenstein) Dramatic Composition (Hamlet) [submit your bio/resume and expectation of the directing course to the Class List]

Week Two: First Draft, Re-writes. (Bergman: script and scenes from "Wild Strawberries") Presentation in class and selection. Team assignments.

Week Three: Script is due (grade). Floor plan (Mise-en-Scene): Directing Actors. Acting for the Camera and Biomechanics (Method and Monologues)

Week Four: Part Two -- Preproduction Storyboard. Shooting script. Light. Directing Camera. (Action Movies)

Week Five: Shots in Class and Footage. Film Theory Test Great Shots.

Week Six: Shot-by-shot book is due. Cuts examination. Part Three -- Production

Week Seven: Sound. (Amadeus by Forman) Acting for the camera.

Week Eight: Text, Subtext, Counter-Text and Counter-Point. Style

Week Nine: Part Four -- PostProduction Scenes: screening.

Week Ten: Reshooting. Editing.

Week Eleven: Cutting and Re-editing.

Week Twelve: Screening the the rough and final cuts.

PROJECTS: teams -- Director, Camera, Script (see Forms -- fill them out and email to me).

Finals -- Screening the final cuts: Public Viewing. Awards.

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eClass: use of computers, email, web, internet in my classes. Online and Forums pages.
Film Analysis and 200X Aesthetics Classes: recommended

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