textbook The Director's Eye

Part I -- Basics
Chapter 1. Theatre & Life
2. The Nature of Theatre
3. The Role of the Director
4. Finding the Dramatic Action
Assignments & Summary

Part II -- Rehearsals
Chapter 5. Entering the World of the Play
6. Mindset
7. Those Powerful Words
8. These Things We Do
9. This Incredible Place
10. Rhythm

Part III -- Script
11. Analysis, Discovery and Images
12. The Rehearsal Unit
13. Life's Rhythms and the Scoring of the Play
14. The Concept Statement
Assignments & Summary

Part IV -- Style
15. An Intro to Style
16. Style and the Creative Process
17. The Theatre and Style
18. Ritual and the "Holy" Theatre
19. The Deceptive Challenges of Comedy
20. Comedy: Nuts and Bolds
21. Choosing Models and Labels
Assignments & Summary

Part V -- Working with Your Collaborators
22. Communicating with Actors
23. Memorization: The First of Five Golden Rings
24. Emotion, Gestation, Boarding and Function: The Other Golden Rings
25. Working with Playwrights, Designers and Others (Stage Manager)
Assignments and Summary

Part VI -- Theatrical Space
26. Theatrical Space: A Meeting Place for Actor and Audience
27. The Director's Approach to Space
28. Design in Space: Sharing Responsibilities
29. Guidelines for Blocking (Mise-en-Scene)
30. Blocking: Lenses for Viewing
31. Blocking: The Bigger Picture
Assignments and Summary

Part VII -- The Whole Picture
32. From Scenes to Plays
33. Rehearsal Progression
34. The Critic and the Director
35. Miracles, Changes and Basics
Assignments & Summary



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