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Part 1. Play

Part 2. Actors

Part 3. Stage

Part 4. Show

Part 5. You

The Theatre Team: Playwright, Producer, Director, Designers, and Actors. Contributors: Jeane Luere - editor, Sidney Berger - editor. Publisher: Greenwood Press. Place of Publication: Westport, CT. Publication Year: 1998.

The Work of Living Art: A Theory of the Theatre by H. D. Albright, Adolphe Appia, Barnard Hewitt; University of Miami Press, 1960 - Adolphe Appia and "The Work of Living Art" - Preface - 1. the Elements - 2. Living Time - 3. Living Space - 4. Living Color - 5. Organic Unity - 6. Collaboration - 7. the Great Unknown and the Experience of Beauty - 8. Bearers of the Flame - Designs - Adolphe Appia's "Man is the Measure of All Things" (protagoras)

Drama / Theatre / Performance by Simon Shepherd, Mick Wallis; Routledge, 2004 - Part One: A Genealogy - 1: Drama and Theatre as University Subjects - 2: Drama and the Literary Tradition - 3: History, Theatre, Society - 4: The Essence of Drama - 5: Women, Theatre and the Ethics of the Academy - 6: Performance, Art and the Avant Garde - 7: The Rise of Performance Studies - 8: Performance Studies: Some Basic Concepts - 9: Postmodernism and Performance - 10: Recent Mappings of Drama-Theatre- Performance - Part Two: Keywords - Action - Aleatory - Catharsis - Character, Mask, Person - Defamiliarisation and Alienation - Embodiment - Empathy - Interculturalism - Kinaesthetic - Mimesis - Performativity - Presence and Representation - Semiotics and Phenomenology

Directing Plays (Theatre Arts) (Paperback) 0878300651 Directing Plays explores both the theory and practice of directing plays, with particular emphasis on textual interpretation. Don Taylor guides the student through the complex process of choosing a play, the working partnership of director, playwright and designer, the delicate matter of casting a play, the rehearsal process and everything which needs to happen before the production is up and running.

directory directing, links UK

Part 4. Public

Part 5. Showcase:

Understanding Hamlet: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents by Richard Corum; Greenwood Press, 1998

Theatre Directors (list)

Play Directing Syllabus

Directing for the Stage, 1st Edition Lloyd Anton Frerer

A Chinese Director's Theory of Performance: On Jiao Juyin's System of Directing Journal article by Zuo Lai, Su Min; Asian Theatre Journal, Vol. 20, 2003 [ The Theory of Mental Images ]

Architecture, Actor and Audience by Iain Mackintosh; Routledge, 1993

Notes on Directing

Theatre Ph.D.

Intro to Theatre Notes for Theatre. The Lively Art by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb (Larry Wild) + Glossary

Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation

(1) Cole, Toby and Helen Krich Chinoy, eds. Directing the Play (1953)

(2) Robert Cohen, Theatre, 2nd ed. (Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1988)

questia directing

outline + list


* 2006 Film Directing textbook *


Theatrical Directors: A Biographical Dictionary by John W. Frick, Stephen M. Vallillo; Greenwood, 1994

Calls for Papers

Mamet on Acting

Introduction to the Director's Art: Introduction to the fundamental process and tools of directing. Focus on script analysis, the principles of composition, movement and rhythm and their application, and the practicalities of rehearsal and working with actors.

Advanced Directing : The focus of this class will be on advancing the director’s storytelling techniques of script analysis, concept work, staging and working with actors and design elements by applying them to a challenging variety of material and longer forms beyond the single scene, culminating in the presentation of a one act play or one act of a full-length play.

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Chekhov.us = Lul dramaturgy

Shakespeare or/and Chekhov

Plus, Aristotle...

Theatre Lul Academe

Directing Index * Part I * Part II * Part III * Part IV * Part V *
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Stagematrix references: (new)

2003 Textbook: The Director's Eye (replace for next class?)

Fundamentals of Play Directing, Alexander Dean and Lawrence Carra

Directing Plays, Stuart Vaughan, Longman Pub.

links **

M. @ Yale

History of Directing:

Andre Antoine 
Adolphe Appia 
Antonin Artaud 
Granville Barker 
David Belasco 
Bertolt Brecht 
Jacques Copeau 
Gordon Craig 
Augustin Daly 
Jerzy Grotowski 
Vsevolod Meyerhold 
Erwin Piscator 
Max Reinhardt 
Konstantin Stanislavsky 
Giorgio Strehler 

great directors *

http://www.sibmas.org/congresses/sibmas90/sto_16.html prop





http://rutheater.home.att.net/stanislavsky1.htm Stanislavsky & Meyerhold *

Stage Directors ( Originally Published 1916 )

First Reading to First Night ISBN: 0295954329 Author: Malcolm Black Publisher: Univ of Washington Press Format: Hardcover

Title: Director And The Stage Author: Edward Braun ISBN: 0413463001 Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd. Date published: 2003-09-01 Format: Paperback Edition: List price (USD): $19.95

Director's Eye 2005 textbook

New Edition!
Play Directing: Analysis, Communication, and Style, 6/E
Francis Hodge, Emeritus, University of Texas, Austin
Michael McLain, University of California, Los Angeles
© 2005 / 0-205-41923-2 / Allyn & Bacon 

Stage Directing
Jim A. Patterson, University of South Carolina
© 2004 / 0-205-38963-5 / Allyn & Bacon 

Play Directing: Analysis, Communication, and Style, 5/E
Francis Hodge, Emeritus, University of Texas, Austin
© 2000 / 0-205-29561-4 / Allyn & Bacon 

The Director at Work
Robert Benedetti, Producer's Guild of America
© 1985 / 0-13-214909-5 / Allyn & Bacon 

Creative Play Direction, 2/E
Robert Cohen, University of California, Irvine
John Harrop, late, University of California, Santa Barbara
© 1984 / 0-13-190926-6 / Allyn & Bacon 

Directors on Directing: A Source Book of the Modern Theatre
Toby Cole
Helen Krich Chinoy, Professor Emeritus, Smith College
© 1963 / 0-02-323300-1 / Allyn & Bacon 
stage directors listing *

Peter Brook *

directing *

promptbook PDF

Directing Actors as a Case Study in Personnel Management

* pix by Leonardo da Vinci; Edouard Manet; Henri Matisse; Michelangelo; Pablo Picasso; Raphael; Rembrandt; Titian; Vincent van Gogh

Peter Stein, Director of Stanislavski’s Three Sisters

Works Cited (sample)

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Sayler, Oliver M. The Russian Theatre. New York: Brentano's, 1922. Questia. 19 Oct. 2005 .
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Stenberg, Douglas Graham. From Stanislavsky to Gorbachev: The Theater-Studios of Leningrad. New York: Peter Lang, 1995. Questia. 19 Oct. 2005 .
Törnqvist, Egil. Between Stage and Screen: Ingmar Bergman Directs. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 1995. Questia. 19 Oct. 2005 .

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http://svoboda.org/programs/FTF/2006/FTF.010806.asp Raikin in Russian -- Stage Acting

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