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... 2009 : beta.vtheatre.net [webcast] ?

What's not to do -- online?

... how much time spent on vtheatre.net/a and vtheatre.net/d [ virtual theatre slideshows/presentattion] + theatre.net/oedipus -- what to do with them now?

"ANATOLY AFTER UAF" -- I do not know if stagematrix.com will solve the problem ("new start").

... Too many projects. Some must be forgotten for good.

Blogs (2007) do not help. I am not cut for it.

... podcast?



Lucky Chekhov, right time and place to be born. And even his death was timely. [Joking, of course]

Only the smell of this life was left for me.

Or was it imaginary smell?

I will never know.

I better stay in my world, the darkness.



Here it is, the new address -- the number.


Professional Amateur -- web.vtheatre.net

... u21.us

domains not used :


... I will be using vtheatre.net and filmplus.org (updating my ANATOLY.EDU pages -- how), but that will be the fate of sellassie pages... I have to move on.

Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought (!) -- I do not write for wikipedia. AA

Is it time to do the Utopia Project?

Year 3000 : aristocracy and/or nobility: "The quality or state of being noble; superiority of mind or of character; commanding excellence; eminence." [ u21.us ]

... where? directory?

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April 30, 2008 : "After UAF" [thoughts and plans]

Anatoly UAF and anatoly.org

... anatoly.ru ?

2006 Random Page:

... 5.31.05. Seven years -- and the pages are mess.





ethiopia: sellassie

2007 = Eight new places to work on -- 4 : theatre4.googlepages.com, ethio21... antoh.207... + 4 google groups


WEB-CREDO: In what way my webpages could be useful = the manner I myself use them. I keep my notes, the important stuff I have to remember when I teach, direct or write. About Chekhov or Stanislavsky, Sophocles or Brecht, the principles and thoughts that need constant attention because they have no final answers, but endless questioning.

Long ago Hegel said that "truth is a process" and I believe that being is becoming. So, I place some notes (and quotes -- to stimulate myself), something to remind me what is in focus, to help myself to stay focused... If reading those pages can help you as well, great. If not, fine. It helps me.

I try to limit myself, to the same names, the same titles. I believe that reading Shakespeare ten times is better experience than reading 10 new unknown plys. My webpages evolve without any specific plans, I made them and I work them on the "need only" basis. You see, I do not have a "situation" page, I deal with this construct daily -- in class, on stage, on page... For actors, directors, writers? For myself!

Do I understand (dramatic) "situation"? Maybe more than my students... Well, I write it only to explain why I have my webpages and have so many. To explain what you can expect from the pages and me.

http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/copyrite.htm policy=philosophy (see copyright page).

2006. I keep taking notes, that's all what I do. Every day, day after another day. I keep learning -- and keep record of it. Nothing more. Anatoly.

Evry directory has a page "Notes".


... notes for 2009 : online = classes.vtheatre.net | stanislavsky.vtheatre.net + acting.vtheatre.net [ vtheatre.net/pre + vtheatre.net/a + vtheatre.net/d -- new domain names ]

Looks like I do not understand what I am doing with the Web.

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The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time. - George Bernard Shaw


dr. caligari

End Notes: profile.to/anatoly

Twitter? [right] Why do I need it?

I do not know. I live in the world becoming anew... instead of discovering new in familiar, I have to learn "new"! Even at sixty. As if I am supposed to be immortal.


2009. Third year I am making useless "year pages"... or Pages about pages, or pages about Anatoly making pages...


My web got saturated, I guess.

I try to make sense in what I made so far...

I should expect it -- the moment of realization that my web and not I is in control.

How does it look like?

How would I know? I am inside.


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