Russia and "they" are far from me, as they were 50 years ago...

Americans are stupid too, but not evil?

And Chinese?


... new monologues = youtubers and even! and

... "Ненависть к классической музыке — при огромных в ней успехах — феномен необъяснимый. Моему товарищу-музыканту, попавшему в психиатрическую больницу, не разрешали пользоваться портативным проигрывателем — чтобы не слушал классическую музыку (которая сама уже есть шизофрения). Остальным больным — разрешают, потому что они слушают “нормальную” музыку, т.е. умца-умца." Notes. Maxim Osipov [ monologues ]


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KINO as anti-culture

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... What's your point, Anatoly?

No points.

And that's the point.

Watch, enjoy yourself, waste your time -- you will never have life, only existence. Right?

We are there, i.e. here

What don't you understand?

"Understanding" means nothing, who needs it -- ?

Don't think about it, about life of yourself.

All answers are ready for your.

... and : по-русски и о русских делах. Может и новости и документальное кино?

Now we are talking!

... do we make sense?

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Freedom : "Love me do" and "La-la-la", and no thoughts about future, only "Bright Present"!

The same place, but different time?

Or is it space, not place?

Not different time, but absence of time!

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... politics -- how boring!

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Why boring?

Here it is -- the 1999 Christmas, Y2K, remember?

21, future, history -- more pages?

Perhaps, there is nothing to understand and explain?


The last goodbye from the 20th century and the second millennium :

«Товарищ Президент» - 5-я часть - КРОВАВОЕ ВОЦАРЕНИЕ ПУТИНА [ comments? ]

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