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2005 Russian Diary

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A few words in English. This is a new directory for my Russian plays-in-progress -- and in Russian. Second, I don't know what kind of plays -- maybe, plays-for-reading. Third, I am not sure that I will finish them (or some of them). Fourth, it's auto-drama or bio-drama, or Anatoly-HyperDrama, something I know very little about, because it doesn't exist yet. Also, web-drama. Or webodrama? Will it even get to theatre stage? This is the question for you, actors and directors. Right now, I am a writer. (I have my own wish [directing] list and me-writer is not on it.

Что в имени тебе моем?
Но в день печали, в тишине,
Произнеси его, тоскуя;
Скажи: есть память обо мне,
Есть в мире сердце, где живу я...
А. С. Пушкин


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Russian Plays in English:

Disformomania, Sorokin, transl.

3 Sisters, Chekhov, transl/adaptation

Inspector General, Gogol, transl/adaptation

Not online:

The Bear by Chekhov, Love by Petrushevskaya, Marriage by Gogol, 20 min w/angel by Vampilov (see my resume or CV).

The Possessed 2003
I started "Russian Dreams" (trilogy), when my father was alive. He died on the Christmas 2003 -- and I could not work on the play. Twice I was in Moscow in 2004 -- and in Sept. I began antohins.vtheatre.net directory -- One Family, One Century.
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Русские Грезы?...
For my heart trembles more - whenever I think
of her being where someone else's eyes could see her-
for fear lest my thought shine out and be discovered,
than I tremble for death, which is already
eating, with the teeth of Love, all my senses...
This directory is new and was born, because I am using WRITE directory for my Russian play(s). Webmaster in me panics, when the writer-in-me messing up the webpages. Well, I hope the (new) flash banners can help: just click on plays.vtheatre.net -- and you will get to the new plays directory (I'll call it "PLAYS II")...

Получается не одна, а две пьесы -- Речной Вокзал (Русская Пьеса, или даже "Московская" и Весенние Каникулы (в Америке, Отец и Сын мешают языки - теперь Сын из первой части -- Отец). Обе в двух действиях.

2005 & After

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