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Shakespeare, Carnival and Biomechanics

The Bard, the Scholar and the Director never met.

Nevetheless, they had similar interests. Commedia.

I will stay with one only topic from Bakhtin's theory of laughter -- the Upsidedown World.

First, Meyerhold's take on comical. The mechanical aspect in acting and repetition.

The stock characters and masks. the gender reversal. Girl as Boy.

12th Night = Carnival (Bakhtin).

Black is white, tall is short, hot is cold and etc.

Abstract "The Comic in Shakespeare" for the University of Canterbury, Kent in 2001, June 28-30.

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Theatre Biomechanics & Shakespeare
VIOLA: I left no ring with her. What means this lady?
Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her.
She made good view of me; indeed, so much
That, as methought, her eyes had lost her tongue,
For she did speak in starts distractedly.
She loves me sure; the cunning of her passion
Invites me in this churlish messenger.
None of my lord's ring? Why, he sent her none.
I am the man. If it be so, as 'tis,
Poor lady, she were better love a dream.
Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness
Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.
How easy is it for the proper false
In women's waxen hearts to set their forms!
Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we,
For such as we are made of, such we be.
How will this fadge? [1] My master loves her dearly;
And I (poor monster) fond as much on him;
And she (mistaken) seems to dote on me.
What will become of this? As I am man,
My state is desperate for my master's love.
As I am woman (now alas the day!)
What thriftless [2] sighs shall poor Olivea breathe?
[ TWELFTH NIGHT, A monologue from Act II, Scene ii, by: William Shakespeare ] Yoga-Acting
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