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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text

from Preface to Drama: An Introduction to Dramatic Literature and Theater Art by Charles W. Cooper; Ronald Press, 1955
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It i's early dusk of a spring evening. Supper has just been finished in the Wingfield apartment. AMANDAand LAURAin light-colored dresses are removing dishes from the table, in the upstage area, which is shadowy, their movements formalized almost as a dance or ritual, their moving forms as pale and silent as moths.

TOM, in white shirt and trousers, rises from the table and crosses toward the fire-escape.

AMANDA [as he passes her]. Son, will you do me a favor?

TOM. What?

AMANDA. Comb your hair! You look so pretty when your hair is combed!

[ Tomslouches on sofa with evening paper. Enormous caption "'Franco Triumphs"]

There is only one respect in which I would like you to emulate your father.

TOM. What respect is that?

AMANDA. The care he always took of his appearance. He never allowed himself to look untidy.

[He throws down the paper and crosses to fire-escape.]

Where are you going?

TOM. I'm going out to smoke.

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