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- 4.15.07 - days I spent on service pages (like this)! Of course, I work on subject pages first...

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
POV (new window and download) -- exmaple what I did before I understood that web-organizing is more important than the pix.

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This page about web is for you, webmaster. If you are not yet one, you will be some day.


2003: now I have two web directories -- one for Film-North, another -- for vTheatre -- go there!
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2007 sum -- web an academic service ?

Notes : where all my blogs posts are!

Anatoly UAF overview.

* Use to link to Virtual Theatre pages! [ for webmasters, old appeal ]

2006-2007 video clips... read webblog : only now, after 10 year of webbing, I feel that I am getting comfortable with my own pages [ as a user ]. "Things" are getting in place. I don't think that web-readers feel the same.

I wish the pages were in this shape 10 years ago.

I had to think twenty years ahead of time?

... how?

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web2.0 -- 2008 2009 :


Yes, now each Directory has it's own doorway page in the root directory. This one is about WEB.

I call it "webbing"!

Originally I built my pages to store the texts. But what is the point to keep your data in public space without making it "public"?

So, you have to make it work, the webmachine. I follow the "share" model; I redesigned the navigation, because it was difficult even for me to find my own pages -- and "shareware" comes with it (different from "freeware"!)

I was a while ago. I do everything online nowadays. Why? Simple. It's easy. Easy for me. Paperless. I can access to my texts from everywhere and any time.

I write every day. And -- I am sorry that I do not have enough time to place my old archive on the web.

I am sorry I have no time to learn more about many wonderful language of the Web.

I am sorry I wasted too much time talking, instead of writing...



When you do everything online, you are a webmaster -- and you better have webpages about webbing. For yourself and for brothers-webmasters.

I try to stay simple, the days of graphics and sound files are over. Texts -- the content is the king! Also, I am not a portal. There are many broad organized Theatre sites, my pages are limited to what I teach and write. Even the web directory became a book! So, my webbing is to support the texts.

Yes, there are "webmasters only" pages, but again -- only my personal observations. Mostly about what not to do, if you are a webmaster.

The most important: if you are not an organization or business -- forget about making money with your website. At least for a while. This is a full time job and only if you are ready.

I began my webpages in the Summer of 1998, all as "personal pages" -- now I am between two worlds. When you get over 100.000 mark in visitors, you are getting professional. What does it mean? It means that your site becoming "commercial"!

Method Acting for Directors
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