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vTheatre PM project
2001 -- then the story began...
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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public
2005: Total Acting & Total Directing *

Theatre UAF: Mamet'07
First, the overview (man v. woman): Taming of the Shrew (Pinter, comedy), but Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Albee?

2006-2007: POMO Project = Pinter + Mamet (Old & New World)

Finally, POMO writers! My generation!

What did you expect after Godot?

Featured Pages: THR413 Playscript Analysis Fall 2006 (20th century drama).

Act, Direct, Write + Theatre, Film, Web

Vertical and Horizontal Directions: Professions and Mediums

Old directory of Virtual Theatre. This very directory vTheatre 2 is focused on Postmodern aspects of VT.

What is pomo? PM drama, everything after Beckett...

It's about WHAT is around of Pinter and Mamet, the under water mass of "iceberg" (logo).
How to do theatre after "The End of Theatre" (Beckett)?
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NEW: ©2006: Pinter -- POMO I. Europe + Stoppard'08 * youtube.com/group/pomo * 2009 *

* Caligari 2009 - Lul 2010

I have nothing to say only to show." (Passagenwerk (1927 - 1940) - Walter Benjamin)

I have nothing to show. My thoughts are secret. Even I do not know them!


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