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This chapter is the 20th century models of Utopia...

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In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Hardcover) Jean Baudrillard ISBN13: 9780936756004 ISBN10: 0936756004

Second-order simulacra : symbols with no real object to represent. Among the many issues associated with the propagation of second-order simulacra is what Baudrillard considers the termination of history. The method of this termination comes through the lack of oppositional elements in society, with the mass having become "the silent majority," an imploded concept which absorbs images passively, becoming itself a media overwritten by those who speak for it (i.e. the people are symbolically represented by governing agents and market statistic, marginalizing the people themselves). For Baudrillard this is the natural result of an ethic of unity in which actually agonistic opposites are taken to be essentially the same. For example, Baudrillard contends that universalism (human rights, equality) is equated with globalisation, which is not concerned with immutable values but with mediums of exchange and equalisation such as the global market and mass media. [wikipedia]

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From Kant to Web ...

When they, "proletariat", the masses, appeared...? The paradise knows no nationalities. We start our studies with hell...

2.28.07 -- how did it happen? The three thousand years are over -- the end of humanity...

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