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webmaster.ru ? В 2007 я обновлял страницы и отвел эту часть (на театральной стороне) для "эстетических вопросов" сети, оставив кино-сервер для деловых, а по-русски где?

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Пишу и буду дальше писать по-русски, а истории мастера сетей на русском? Summer 2008

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А зачем по-русских об интернете?

Может и не надо?

Да я о себе, о себе.


Русский интернет -- последнее прибеэище свободы, для тех, кому она еще нужна.

Приехали -- опять подполье.

А там, наверху, на тех огромных просторах России, царство тьмы.

Такое метро получается.

Кто они эти русские пауки?

Что плетут?

А что Бог на душу положит!

Впрочем, как и газеты, которые Россия до 17го года не читала. Она ведь, матушка, неграмотной была поэтому.

Нам этого не надо.

А что изменилось?

Надписи читать умеют, спасибо культурной революции.

Или что считать издания томов Ленина как показать самой читающей нации?

Секреты и цензура, разумеется.


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Зачем? Зачем!

2007 -- "3rd Russian Summer"?

writing in Russian...

Summary [Engl]

Hierarchy: a foundation - simple and familiar way to organize information. Categories should be mutually exclusive, and there should be balance between breadth and depth. Breadth - seven plus or minus two rule (more than 10 options can overwhelm users) and depth - more conservative (4 to 5 levels maximum). Finally, don't let hierarchy constrain development.

Reciprocal Links - How important are they: Reciprocal links are links with other sites, which are generally related to the theme of your website. The concept is simple you link to site, and that sites webmaster returns the favor and links back to your site.

"About Page": Always include an about page on your site.
Don't be afraid to tell your story and let people know who you are and how you arrived where you are.
Opening yourself up and letting people know who you are adds an element of trust. It exposes your personality, capabilities and knowledge. All factors that let your readers know you are genuine.

Include all your contact information: Let your visitors know that you are available.
Encourage questions, email and phone calls. Include your name, address and phone number.
If you can, it's also helpful to place a photo on your site. Familiarity is key and it can add one more link in the ladder of trust.

Headlines: Create compelling headlines. Peak the interest of your readers. This is your chance to grab their attention and incite them to read on.
Don't be flashy or obnoxious. Simply tell it like it is. Capture their attention with descriptive, informative words. Get your readers involved in your information. Ask questions. Make them think.
You might be surprised to learn that just one compelling headline can bring instant sales almost overnight.

Create your meta tags: This is the first place I look when people tell me they aren't getting visitors. I often see sites that have no title or description tag or the tags don't follow the suggested guidelines for proper setup.


Internal linking architecture:

There are three forms that can be assumed while planning the sites internal linking pattern.

Hierarchal -- In this kind of Internal linking all the pages of the website are connected to the home page and home page is individually connected to all the pages of the website, but there is no linking between the pages of the website.

Looping -- In this kind of Internal linking the home page is connected to the primary page and the primary page is connected to the secondary page and this process goes on till the last page and the last page is connected to the home page in this way a loop is formed.

Extensive inter linking -- In this kind of Internal linking each page is connected to each other in the website.

What kind of internal linking is preferable in a certain case, is dependent on the objectives you are trying to achieve in terms of Pagerank optimisation, user navigation ease & site theme.One tip to bear in mind is that internal linking should reinforce the theme. One should not crosslink between the pages on the site which are unrelated by themes. This will dilute the theme intensity & affect the page rankings on SERPs.

"...let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of copies, as shall place them beyond the reach of accident." Jefferson, Thomas. [1791] 1984. Thomas Jefferson to Ebenezer Hazard, Philadelphia, February 18, 1791. In Thomas Jefferson: Writings: Autobiography, Notes on the State of Virginia, Public and Private Papers, Addresses, Letters, edited by Merrill D. Peterson. New York: Library of America

* A blog, short for weblog, is often described as an online diary. The most recent entries (called posts) - appear on the homepage of the blog with links to archives of older posts. Archives are organized by date and often categorized by topic. Often, each post will have a form for readers to add their own comments and to give their opinion or reaction to the post's content.




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2007 updates ... web2.0 and communism
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To translate the web terms (right) into human language :

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... [to continue] music? kasak moskva.fm [ sound files ] http://www.moskva.fm/play/2014/1185849252/ Казачья 02:59 Розенбаум Александр
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Как мне еще понимать те годы, что я потратил на пустоту?

Сколько труда! Об этом надо писать в "Книге Дурака" --


Американский Антохин оказался глупее советского...

Как страшно...

... Испугался.

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Если бы не интернет, был бы я писателем.


А теперь я писатель сетевой, что почти тоже самое.

Да не совсем.

Здесь очевидно, что это не литература, а в союзе писателей не понимали, что литература закончилась в семнадцатом году.

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Memory : visual primitive poetry [multimedia]




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