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After so many years of webbing I cannot change the nature of my webpages -- they are what they were from the start; notes, thoughts, points I make for myself for classes and productions. Do they have an independent existence? Maybe, somewhere in the future...



(Antohins II: Anatoly)

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... diary? bloglines.com/blog/anatolant

KINO = (global) anti-writing project : filmplus.org/kino

Am I a part of this revolt against the Word?

I am a webmaster, a traitor.

"anatolant" -- internet is burning books.

Without books there is no thought.

... how simple is the task -- describe your time! simply record the most important -- so simple!

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NEW page (replacement for the lost one!) -- vtheatre.net/write.html
July 2005: writing in Russian -- see antohins.vtheatre.net

Nonfiction, of course.




I made webpages for writing, my own writing. Not to bother with agents, editors, publishers.

Yes, I miss printed books, I'm not there yet (POD -- print on demand), but what one can do, if the road is chosen?

Keep walking.


... diary -- even notes are are too much for me.

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... No more history. For me.

How mortals could be interested in history?


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... What would be left of man, if books will vanish -- we, the people and our persuade of happiness instead of search for meaning.

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2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov
I am teaching DramLit -- groups.yahoo.com/group/dramlit (subscribe) and see THR215 for subjects, topics, titles.
Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )

Webpages: Grammar & Spelling will be fixed only for the print versions!
It' possible that I won't write anything. Ever. Very possible. 5.2.09