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"There are no great writers, only great re-writers". Ernest Hemingway Feb. 2002: What a sad picture! When, when will I have time to write again?


I think I wrote somewhere in the notes for SELF that there are two levels in rewrites: macro -- plot, story, scenes, images, and -- micro -- how its done. You can't just write about dreams, it would be telling, the form itself must be dream-like (Joyce), poetry in prose.

Only now I began to WORK on my texts. Yes, before it were my notes only. Feb. 2001


This directory doesn't exit. It should be private. That's what I thought.


The best ideas are common property. ~ Seneca the Younger "On Old Age", Moral Letters to Lucilius


Future of the online textbooks? Go to the subjects' directories -- acting, script and etc. -- see NOTES pages. Antohins -- Diary in Russian


"You must write every single day of your life." Ray Bradbury antohins.vtheatre.net: one family, one century (doc)

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mini-chekhov05 Four Farces + One Funeral
Self-revelations. There is no border between "prose" and "poetry" -- or better say, both are connected. My texts were idle for years. It were notes and thought with occasional personal passages. It wasn't literature. I have to bring the stories into the structure. I have to work on the erotic texts as if it's poems. There are many places where it is nothing but poetry.

What about the transitions?

Some must be "cuts" -- sharp, like in montage.

There is separation between working macro and micro -- structure and texture. One must lead to another, reworking both.

2005: filmplus.org/write -- all pages are gone!


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Maybe there is a method in this web madness?


I'll keep the Film-North WRITE directory for the webBooks and the GeoAlaska -- for text-only versions. When I began to write online, I soon realized that web asks for its own type of writing -- with graphics, pix, sounds -- more as broadcasting. So, I try to keep the two kinds of writing separately. "Text-only" at GeoAlaska, webBooks -- at Film-North.

PS. I'm pointing the new flash banner (write.vtheatre.net) to this directory; I better fix the pages!

new: THR413 Playscript with a playwrighting segment! Oh yes, I still write. ...

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