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Mikado (play)

Film Directing Class

Musical Theatre, Opera -- Mikado


Film Directing Discussion Group

Music in Film & Theatre

Music & Language: two principles in Aristotle's Poetics (Texture).

Film Directing

DIRECTING: working with space, time, actors, spectators
ACTING: Method, Biomechanics, Monologue, Scenes
CLASSES: Directing, Acting, Script Analysis, 200x
SHOWS: upcoming productions, past, director's notes

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In Addition to Dramatic/Narrative structure Film uses both Music and Art organizational principles. How different are they? They are the basis of the FILM LANGUAGE.

We have to discuss five topics:
Shots & Cuts
Montage, Counter-Point, Conflict
Grammar and Meaning of Silence and Darkness

Please see Art Index for hyper-links to Part Two: Film Language -- Art & Music

First, lets use traditional musical terms: melody, rhythm, tempo, etc. "Composition" fully applies to any music structure. We're even using the same word themes in drama, literature, art -- and music.

Film inherited all the riches of symphony. We have have main theme, each character has it own theme (remember opera?), there are our polyphonic principles in action...

Play, Show, Directing, Concept and Design --
Tennessie Williams Page from Costumer Manifesto (Tara Maginnis), Glass Managerie

You noticed already that we are using a lot of music terminology: composition, tempo, melody...


The last segment in 200X class.



Paper on Amadeus


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