Too early... or too late.
For me, at least.

No, I won't be able to fix it, my pages.



... Project 2009 and 2009 slideshow

If only I can work on SELF, again.

If only I can write.


My POV, of course. [ 0 ] short-story and [ 1 ] book

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + past + present + future + death + sex + resurrection + family + generations +
What do you see?
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Not much.

Paper Soldier [ see New Russian Cinema ]

... After KINO I do not want to write. As if I am between two worlds, zone of no language, present as ZERO between past (word) and future (image). I myself is the symbol of this "dash"...

In the double shadow from two suns.

The shadow of what?

There is no place for me.


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2008 :

... 2008 pages : the year is over!

I didn't expect of having 2009 page in my nonfiction directories!

Even in old Film-North directories --


Last hope -- does Russia exist?

Something does.


What do I see?

I do not like what I see.

film-north 2009

Notes: My time is out. Time to to stop my forth grade writing. All right, maybe sixth grade (when it's in Russian). I speak the language of of the Indian phone operators, and I read by them, illiterates of the world, for whom any language is a second...

Web is the only place where this (I, me) could be tolerated.

More pictures!

Look at that!

Did you see it?

That is how I feel (and express) myself.

Who is the hero of film600? Me.

"Show" it!

The cry of ones who'll never learn any language (Century of Antohins).

... Let me guess why you can't learn human language.

I saw it in my dreams on the night before first day of 2009. [ dreams ] I was begging not to fire me...

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