Virtual Theatre

If you saw a new Title Page, you know that I rework my theatre website. There are many good rerason for doing it. Let me tell you a webmaster story -- "How I became a pornographer"!

A year ago I opened a new account with; I thought that the name is good for my new project "Virtual Theatre". I placed the HyperDrama "The Story of David Z." -- and then those refcities disappeared! No note, no warning -- gone. Of course I got mad, but after a few months of anger I open another account with Tripod for the same purpose --

It's not the end of the story. Stupid me, I place a lot of links to and those "cities" reapeared -- as a porno site! Actually, the porno portal! Hello? Including my!

I was deleting the old (dead) link (I placed it into the template under "Performace Arts" -- what an irony!), but now I have to go through hundreds of pages, because the cities resurrected themselves under a new management, I guess, with the plenty of performance acts.

Maybe now you understand how dangerous is a life of webmasters and why I have to update my pages. The refcities do not let me update my beloved Virtual Theatre site, they reject my loging-in. I thought that perhaps I can turn their sex pages into educational websites.