I you can from [ 0 ] page, I have to say more -- about images on previous page...

Why didn't write caption on THAT page?


Consider page "0" as exposition.

The time/place when/when I have to establish STYLE, GENRE, situation, rules, atmosphere...

I should exist by itself and be a part of a bigger narrative.

Could my pages be read without this silly ZERO page?

You bet.


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2007 -- "2007" Americana : Mamet -- Postmodern & Premodern


pomo in POV

2008 : Stoppard


as Utopia

From Utopia


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Specttaor2.0 and my past shows : "Second Life" [ post-production existence of live show, i.r. projected shadow of webshow? ]

Debord : Book of Spectator


2006 mamet Oleanna -- 2007 ...
1: 0 > title > preface > intro ...

pomo theatre wikipedia -- and

pomo art

PoMo Semiotics?


"Forget about it!"

... But what about explaination for pix you promiced [ upper stage right ]?

No, I am not ready.

You are not ready.

Read [ 2 ]!

2 Do I need to explain what is on this sign [left]?

I saved this image for Oleanna [Mamet, good name for writer of pomo theatre, Pinter or Albee are also okay], when I thought that I can get the methaphics of gender from this script.


Looks like politics only.

He should write it in verses, like Brecht [ if this could help to make it theatre, or even dramatic literature ]


No, no movies, please!

I do not have room in my brain fot IT!

I cannot resist...

Stoppard isn't Dead

It was pre-production [preparation] for Spring 2008 directing... the video "thing".

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