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... "If you build a good site with an average of 4 to 5 pages per user, you should be in the 10-15k page views per day range in one years time." [ webmasterworld.com ]

... I don't have it, 4-5 pages/user.

50% of them accidental...

... at least.


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Diary of A Webman
... webonotes : after so many years "service" (support) pages are still waiting to be fix : appendix, biblio, links, ref, books, and etc.

-- especially, this root directory!

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2008 : new -- [ index.php + index.htm ] + index.HTM + index.HTML + index.txt

separate paths for directing, acting, film?

... 2009-2010 [Project Utopia] u21.us

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2o1o ?

2009 tweetree.com/anatolant !


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anatoly.org 2006. March 23 -- Internet2


Cyberculture: The Key Concepts by David Bell, Brian D. Loader, Nicholas Pleace, Douglas Schuler; Routledge, 2004

filmplus.org/web : web2.0 technology moves too fast for me...

2008 : get ready!

youtube.com/anatolant -- tarkovsky [shot] : see video-pages!

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2007 summer updates : of course, I will forget about this pages -- I run into my pages about my webpages only when I update them...

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web aesthetics notes | filmplus.org/web

After 2009

My WWWblog and Wblog [writer's]

... Project 2009 : Utopia

No, all I wanted to have my space, in one place, HOME -- and the only place I could find it was the Internet. I wanted some system, and the only place I could find it was the Web.

Yes, there is a duplication. Photos and videos are in several places... Just in case; if another DOC.COM dies [ as around Y2K ].

And I wanted some [my] order, when it's easy to work.

Simple? Not at all!

anatoly.org ? How much "organization" in this cyber-anatoly?

anatoly.live.com ?

antohin.wordpress.com [May 2009] blog for LUL

... Did I get it?

Will I get it?

When will I get it?


... Webmaster "anatolant" and ANT

Virtual Theatre w/Anatoly : 2008 = 10 years!


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NEW : see Webman's Diary [Anatoly-Web]

... I am making [jumpcut.com/anatolant] web-videos and posting them on youtube.com/anatolant.

... new --


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mybloglog.com/buzz/members/anatolant -- will you be using it?

How to remember all the tricks and places of web2.0?

... I can't.

... webwriting : How Users Read on the Web ?
They don't.