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2008 knot-pages [ didn't work ] -- what is "best"?
webpages in content?

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... anatolant [webmaster] is dying, if not dead already. Project 2009


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... web-director instead of webmaster ?

web-write & web-aesthetics

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... and 2008!

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"htm" pages + HTM + HTML + php... summary + notes + (right)media + "text only" (plain)

More questions :

logic of back ground colors? (yellow, gold -- for Ethiopian millennium year -- 2007) Gray -- for 2008 (key pages) -- why?
... §137. Emotion Matrix artlebedev.com !!!

WEB = directing of attention [ montage of attractions ]

Webmaster as a [stage & film] director. [ director.vtheatre.net + Total Director ]

Invisible creator of cyber experience...

[ 2009 thoughts ]

As film director "writes" his movie (Tarkovsky)... It's not writing. Of course, not.


Yes, and many other interesting conclusions from this thought.

How such an activity should be called? "Performance"?

Web is a spectacle (genre), not even a show.

Finally, one can do what was done by many. And ONE behaves as many.

Multiple personality? Many = none.

This is for vtheatre.blogspot.com -- to return and continue.


It depends on personality and need?

Performer = actor/spectator [ amateur ]... What can we espect from non-professional?

I should be saying ANTI-professional.


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2008 "main" (first "2008" page in this directory!)

* web2 or "original" (first level)?

... new page about old problems

This page should be written 5 years ago.

My WEB directories were started 8 years ago.

I even began "Diary of a Webman" [ having Gogol and Dostoevsky in mind ].

I dropped it, the writing my notes on what I was learning as a webmaster.

... I am tired of being a webmaster.

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2007 : webmaster's blog


... too many new places? Well, some of them won't work. Which ones will, I do not know. [anatoly.org]

web-aesthetics : links - references -

digital aesthetics source lyola.edu

peachpit.com on web-aesthetics

vos.ucsb.edu [links] Alternative Web Aesthetics


... In the beginning, people thought that building a web site meant learning and using HTML. Then people realized they needed to learn graphics applications to make images for the Web.Then they realized they had to think about usability and navigation and accessibility. ... The definition of aesthetics from dictionary.com is “a guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste; artistic sensibility.” This definition addresses two compo- nents of aesthetics that this chapter deals with: the fact that aesthetics is about design principles and that calling something “beautiful or artistic” is a subjective judgment.





... "Your webpages must be user-friendly"... Why? Are they so busy? Are they more busy than me?

Should my webpages be friendly to me?

And what does it mean?

... "web-style-design" :
From lul

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I do not know even the logic [principles] of the layout for my pages! Right, left tables, top, bottom... It is for watching, not reading? "How to READ web" -- and, how to construct "eating" it?

Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist.

In order to use the principles properly we first need to understand how users interact with web-sites, how they think and what are the basic patterns of users’ behavior(!) [italics & bold -- AA]

... 1. Don’t make users think [first principle!] According to Krug’s first law of usability, the web-page should be obvious and self-explanatory.


Again -- Hello, Eisenstein! [Montage of Attractions]

[ empty space ]

You have to have a lot of it! The emptiness is your friend.


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write 2008 pages... the madness began in 2007 [web-year] -- it took ten years for webmaster to take over my life!

... Book of Spectator and spectator.vtheatre.net -- do I, finally, came to Virtual Theatre philosophy?

... why do I have two writing directories? -- the web.vtheatre.net and web.filmplus.com should be enough.


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